A morning stress-management technique

Last month I discovered that I had serious stress-management issues while getting ready for work every morning. I would roll out of bed at the last possible second, and spend the time that I had left hurrying around with no time to eat breakfast. I would run out of the house with my coat undone and my make-up half on, putting the rest of it on at red lights. I usually spent the drive into work hungry and grumpy, craving food and a hot coffee or tea. So last month I changed my morning routine. Along with breakfast and coffee, I realized I craved extra time.

A road to better stress management

To help my stress management in the morning, I started giving myself fifteen minutes of extra time. I gave up fifteen minutes of sleep to give myself a more relaxed morning. What a difference this has made in my day! I can still have coffee if I choose, but I now also have time to make myself a cup of tea. To go along with that coffee or tea, I can prepare a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, an egg white omelet with chopped veggies or a fresh fruit protein smoothie. So, that’s five of the fifteen minutes.

The second five additional minutes I use for getting items ready for the day. I grab my lunch from the fridge, my bag for work and put them by the front door. I make time to brush my teeth properly and put on some hand lotion. As I lock the door, I still have five extra minutes, which gives me just enough time for a relaxed drive to work, not having to be concerned about minor glitches in traffic.

There were some days that I cut it so close in the morning, I would have to run across the parking lot once I got to work and didn’t even have time to remove my coat or change out of boots into my shoes. Those extra five minutes tacked on to commute have made my morning much more relaxed. That is a huge help for my stress management as I head into a busy work day.

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