A family physio centre for all your needs

Haley Rehab, in the west end of Ottawa, is an ideal family physio centre. They offer a wide range of services including physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. Haley Rehab offers early and evening appointments, making it a perfect family physio centre at which to book an appointment that fits in with the rest of your schedule.

It is located in Bells Corners and is fully accessible for clients with mobility restrictions. With a knowledgeable and caring group of staff members, this family physio centre will truly put you at ease throughout your treatment. Regardless of your needs, the staff at Haley Rehab will meet and most likely exceed your treatment expectations.

Family physio centre for sport injuries

Sports injuries occur in many athletes and with the care provided at Haley Rehab, injuries heal properly and more quickly than if they are left untreated. Your sports injury will be thoroughly assessed and treated in the way best suited for your individual needs. The experts at Haley Rehab combine traditional physiotherapy, massage therapy, and exercises for clients to perform on their own. Where required, acupuncture and other techniques can be added to a treatment plan for a well-balanced recovery from the sports injury.

Non-athletic injuries are also treated with a combined approach. The physiotherapists, massage therapists, and kinesiologists believe in a team-based approach at this family physio centre. At the initial assessment, a client will speak with a team member and complete a health questionnaire. The physiotherapist will recommend a treatment plan suited to the unique needs of the patient and treatment will either begin that very session or a future one.

Home exercises are usually an integral part of recovery and healing. As these exercises are so important, they are taught to the patient so that they can be completed properly at home. Throughout the treatment sessions, feedback is consistently given and the progress of the patient stays on track.

Haley Rehab is an ideal modern family physio centre with flexible hours and highly-trained experts in rehabilitation. It is known for its high standards of treatment and care, and runs with efficiency and professionalism.

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