An ideal place for family physio

I recently found a lovely concept for a family physio centre here in Ottawa. Haley Rehab, located in Nepean, is a warm and inviting place for the whole family. I discovered Haley Rehab because my sister-in-law is a cancer survivor and it was recommended by her oncologist. Along with her standard medical check-ups, she visits Haley Rehab on a regular basis for cancer rehabilitation.

Family physio for chronic pain

My dad has chronic neck pain which he has essentially been “putting up with” and occasionally taking over-thecounter anti-inflammatory medicine for when the pain became unbearable. When my sister-in-law started visiting Haley Rehab for oncology rehabilitation, my dad was one of her regular drivers. While sitting in the bright waiting room for her one day, my dad realized that visiting a registered massage therapist (RMT) is a drugfree way to deal with his chronic neck pain. Dad decided he would ask his doctor about it and get a referral to an RMT to give it a try, since he would be there anyway during my sister-in-law’s appointments. I am so glad that he tried it and the atmosphere of a family physio centre is ideal for us.

Family physio for children

My son and daughter are serious soccer players. They wear the proper equipment, make healthy eating choices, and have warm-up and cool-down sessions as part of their soccer practice. Despite all of these precautionary measures, both of my children have sustained injuries while on the pitch. We take advantage of the treatments from physiotherapists at Haley Rehab. My son had a knee injury and my daughter had a form of tennis elbow from repeated “throw-ins” as a defensive player. Both of my children were treated with professionalism and kindness; the physiotherapists at Haley Rehab certainly possess the values and mindset required to work in a family physio centre.

Haley Rehab offers a unique blend of services and therapy. The centre is bright, welcoming and the physiotherapists are second to none! My extended family enjoys visiting Haley Rehab centre for family physio treatments.

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