Louise Haley

Founder, Physiotherapist & Registered Nurse

Louise is a physiotherapist and the founder of Haley Rehab, one of the first private cancer rehabilitation clinics in Ontario. She strongly believes that many people can live free from pain and discomfort, with the right therapies, education and self-care techniques. Louise is proud of her team at Haley Rehab.

Sue Netherton


Sue has had the privilege of 25 years of clinical work at various locations in the Ottawa region treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries. Her continuing education in acupuncture and dry needling allows her to incorporate diverse skills into her clinical practice.

Jennifer Foley


Jennifer has had experience working with a variety of populations including in-patient rehabilitation in neurology, orthopaedics and oncology, acute care, and private practice. She has always been interested in exercise and activity which is reflected in her approach to treatment. She believes it is integral in managing pain, restoring health, and optimizing quality of life.

Rebecca Clair

Registered Massage Therapist

Rebecca is passionate about the difference therapists make in their clients’ lives. She is committed to learning more about therapeutic techniques and specializations to help people maximize their well-being.

Heather Latta

Registered Massage Therapist

Heather’s experience as a competitive gymnast in her youth sparked her initial interest in how the body moves. Now, after serving in the Military Police Force for eleven years, she’s excited to pursue a career path where she can help people and build on her passion for human kinetics.

Nancy Delarge

Registered Nurse, PTA

Nancy is a community nurse who has specialized in wound care and compression bandaging. She uses her passion and expertise to help people return to their regular lifestyle.

Suzy Mondoux

Physiotherapy Assistant

Suzanne’s (Suzy) managerial experience in the retirement sector exposed her to many areas of healthcare which inspired her to pursue studies in the field. As an award-winning graduate from the inaugural Occupational and Physiotherapy Assistant program at Algonquin College, she’s happy to have found a home at Haley Rehab.

Morgan Asquini

Administrative Assistant

Morgan is currently in her last year of the Massage Therapy program at Algonquin College. She looks forward to working with the team at Haley Rehab.