Pre-Rehab Physio

By working with you before your cancer treatment begins (pre-rehab), Haley Rehab can help you on your journey to well-being. There are two main ways our proactive approach can help you: with a pre-op assessment before treatment begins and education to reduce your risk of some of the side effects of cancer treatment as well as reduce your risk.

Pre-op assessment

In essence, the better you feel going into surgery, the better your health and wellness afterwards. At Haley Rehab, we perform a thorough pre-rehab assessment to identify any factors that may affect your recovery from surgery. Some of these factors include muscular tightness, fascial tightness, posture, joint mobility (neck, thoracic spine, lumbar spine and shoulder), and tissue scarring from previous surgeries. We will discuss any factors of concern with you and design a tailor-made pre-rehab treatment plan. It may be as simple as specific exercises and self-massage techniques for you to perform at home, or may involve hands-on treatment by one of our highly-trained therapists for more complex issues.

Lymphedema risk reduction

As you may be aware, lymphedema is a common side effect of some cancer treatments. It is a lifelong condition caused by a buildup of lymph fluid that leads to tissue swelling, most often in the hands/arms, feet/legs or trunk of the body. Lymphedema is associated with feelings of discomfort, pain, heaviness, tightness, numbness and tingling in the affected area, and an increased risk of infection. Many people do not know that some of the signs of lymphedema may be present before visible swelling occurs. The early detection and treatment of lymphedema can help to improve or manage the condition and prevent it from progressing to an advanced stage. When it is detected early, lymphedema treatment is far less complex and costly than if the condition has progressed. Lower rates of secondary lymphedema have been found in patients who exercise regularly and seek the advice of a trained physiotherapist, for lymphedema education and lymphedema monitoring. Read more for tips to reduce your risk for lymphedema and early signs to look out for.

Our specialists

Haley Rehab is a physiotherapy clinic specializing in cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema management. Our expert team is highly experienced in manual therapy techniques and all our therapists are CLT certified. We aim to understand and treat the root cause of your current health issues as well as movements or postures that could lead to future problems, before they happen. Our preventive and proactive approach also extends to lymphedema risk reduction: why wait for lymphedema to occur if there are ways you can reduce your risk? If you already have lymphedema, there may be other things you could be doing to manage your condition or reduce your risk of flare-ups in the future. Our goal is for you to get back to doing the things you love, with the best quality of life possible. To learn more about Haley Rehab, or to schedule an initial assessment, call us at 613-422-5061. No referral is required. Contact us today to see how Haley Rehab can help you achieve wellness.