Dianne’s Story

Dianne’s diagnosis is lymphedema in the left leg.

It started in the 1960’s.  She fell from a railing at her family cottage and got her left foot caught. The fall resulted in a lot of bruising. A few months later she noticed that her left foot and ankle were starting to swell. The swelling eventually went down on its own, but a few years after, it again started swelling and that is when she started wearing compression stockings.

Her initial diagnosis from her doctor was phlebitis. After a few years of wearing the stockings, her doctor told her that she didn’t require them anymore. Again, her leg progressively swelled, and it became necessary to buy new shoes and winter boots to accommodate the swelling in  her left foot. It wasn’t until about 10 years after her initial accident of falling off the rail, that her doctors diagnosed her with lymphedema. She again began wearing compression stockings and also began using the lympha press as part of her treatment plan. Her treatment meant using the lympha press for 4 hours per day. This was very time consuming and difficult to maintain because of her full-time job and other life events. It was on one specific occasion when using the press that a funny story occurred.  In 2010 she was in the middle of a lympha press treatment when Ottawa was struck by a mild earthquake. She quickly removed the lympha press and ran outside in a panic to see what was going on.  It was then that she realized she had forgotten to put her shorts back on.

In 2011 Diane discovered Haley Rehab and still continues as a client. She attributes her lymphedema to the accident that happened at her family cottage.  Her optimism has helped her get through day to day managing her lymphedema and she never lets it stop her from living a full life.