Flat Feels Fab!

I attended BRA (Breast Reconstruction Awareness) day with my colleagues Cheryl Yang and Sara Quiring. We had a booth which gave us the opportunity to answer questions related to reconstruction rehab. What an inspiring evening. The event took place at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) Civic campus Amphitheatre. Five plastic surgeons from TOH presented on various topics related to breast reconstruction post breast cancer diagnosis.

Dr. Rockwell kicked off the event with a brief review of implant reconstruction surgery followed by Dr. Frank who spoke about recent trends in the media regarding breast reconstruction and lymphoma unrelated to implants.  They mentioned some women choosing to remain flat after breast cancer surgery was welcome information as I have not heard mention of this in my 6 years of attending this event. This may have been a result of the recent article published in the London Daily Telegraph which shed light on the fact that not all women are aware that electing against reconstruction is also a choice.

Dr. Frank as well as Dr. Lee, the event’s host, emphasized the importance of women taking control of the decision process by becoming informed of their options. Dr. Montazi spoke on abdominal free flap surgery which some women prefer because of the opportunity to have liposuction of the belly at the same time. Dr. Zhang who specializes in breast implants and microsurgery interviewed a former patient giving the audience of approximately 200 women insight into her journey and enlightening us all with her story.  I have no doubt after hearing her story that it is a daunting decision to choose post breast cancer diagnosis. The final presenter and organizer of the event, Dr. Lee, gave an excellent presentation on nipple/areola reconstruction. Following the presentations women could attend a show and tell, enabling women to speak to actual women who have undergone reconstructive breast surgery. All in all, it was a worthwhile event for anyone contemplating treatment options post reconstruction. If you’ve had reconstruction and are looking looking for ways to keep moving afterwards, contact us for an assessment. We’d be more than happy to help out!