Susie’s Story

According to the Canadian Cancer Society, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer during their lifetime. Unfortunately, Susie was one of those 8. 

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in Sept of 2017. Like all cancer survivors, receiving the news about their diagnosis for the first time can feel very lonely and scary. Susie recalls experiencing this first hand. She says staying optimistic and keeping her sense of humor, really helped her get through her recovery. If Susie were able to go back and speak to her past self, she would say “Remember that it will all end at some point”. “When you’re going through the treatments, it’s very easy to get lost in it all” she explains.

It’s okay to change … embrace it!”

She found it helpful to keep herself occupied. Whenever she could, she tried to keep up with her hobby of quilting. She is also a mother of three children aged 12, 9 and 6. Having them around during this difficult time, helped get her mind off all the appointments, treatments and other things going on with her health. She felt it was also important to try and connect with others going through something similar. She took to social media platforms as an outlet to vent about her daily struggles which she found very helpful.

After six rounds of chemo, a mastectomy and then radiation, she will never be the same Susie as before. But her most important message for other cancer survivors is to realize that it’s okay to change. A lot of people are resistant to change but Susie suggests instead, to embrace it. It has helped her move past this difficult time and progress through her recovery.