Palliative Care

Today, people are living longer than ever before with advanced cancer. They are also living fuller lives and with better quality of life. Advances in treatment help slow cancer growth and palliative care plays a key role in helping people to manage their symptoms and side effects. Haley Rehab provides palliative care and support to many clients living with cancer, including those with advanced cancer.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care aims to improve quality of life by helping people who are facing a serious illness cope better with pain and other symptoms. People often think palliative care means end-of-life care. However, palliative care is most effective when it is offered early, to support the person through the years, months, weeks or days of the advanced stages of their disease. Different health professionals, including physiotherapists, have a role to play in palliative care. Together, we provide physical, emotional, social, and spiritual support to the person with the illness and the people who love them.

What role does physiotherapy play in palliative care?

Physiotherapy is a key part of palliative care for people with cancer and other serious illnesses. With its holistic approach to well-being, physiotherapy helps improve patients’ quality of life in many ways:
  • Relief from pain and other symptoms.
  • Increased mobility, flexibility, coordination and motor skills.
  • Reduced stiffness or tight muscles and improved muscle tone.
  • Improved circulation, digestion and breathing.

How Haley Rehab can help

As specialists in cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema management, we offer a range of services to people at all stages of cancer and other serious illnesses:
  • Pain relief: we use different therapies and techniques to help people manage pain and discomfort.
  • Lymphedema management: we assess and treat people living with lymphedema. All of our therapists are lymphedema-certified and offer expert care in manual lymphatic drainage massage, compression therapy, exercise and education in self-care to help you manage your condition.
  • Cancer-related fatigue: we work with clients with cancer to assess their current levels of activity and fatigue and develop a tailor-made exercise plan to help you beat the fatigue.
  • Exercise: we develop exercise plans for people with all stages of cancer, to help maintain well-being, mobility and flexibility and counter the side-effects of treatment.
  • Better breathing: we provide education and relaxation techniques to help counter breathlessness.
  • End-of-life care: we are privileged to provide support, pain relief and management of symptoms in your home, offering you comfort, compassion and dignity at this final stage of life.
Our goal is to provide compassionate, supportive palliative care to help ease pain, reduce discomfort and allow for the best quality of life possible. To learn more about Haley Rehab, or to schedule an initial assessment, call us at 613-422-5061. No referral is required. Contact us today to see how Haley Rehab can help support you and your family.