Pole Walking

Whether you want to lose weight, improve balance, or strengthen your core – urban pole walking is a safe and fun way to get started. Originally used to keep Nordic athletes in shape during the off-season, these poles come in different types and were designed by an occupational therapist for balance and offloading. The Nordic poles (series 300 and 4Life Poles), help burn about 25% to 40% more calories than regular walking by engaging up to 90 percent of your muscles. Conversely, the ACTIVATOR poles are phenomenal for older adults. They allow four points of contact when walking which help improve posture, balance and security, and are useful for those with vestibular issues, post concussion, hip and knee (pre and post) surgery, sports injuries, spinal conditions, Parkinson’s, MS, osteoporosis and stroke. The best part about this activity is that you can do it nearly anywhere. Parks, trails, pavement, even indoors.

What’s the big deal about Urban Pole walking?

– Burns about 25% to 40% more calories than regular walking by engaging up to 90 percent of your muscles!

–    An excellent rehabilitation activity for those with knee, hip or other lower joint problems

– It helps relieve stress on your joints

– It was first used with Nordic athletes to help them keep in shape during their sporting off-season.

– It’s a low impact exercise that provides great resistance training without having to step foot inside a gym!

– It’s a great activity to activate your whole body – both the upper and lower limbs while you walk!

What are the benefits of Urban Poling?

– Improved  balance and stability – prevents falls!

– Improved posture and core strength 

– Reduces impact on knees, hips and ankles while improving strength

– Improves walking speed

Come and join us on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm to find out how much fun Urban Pole walking can be!

What to look for when buying poles?

–      Type of pole: Activator vs. Urban & Nordic walking Poles

  Activator Poles Urban and Nordic Poles
Function -visual sensory cueing -reduces impact on lower extremity joints – prepares for walking poles – revs up calorie burning – helps balance your blood sugar
Weight bearing capacity 200lbs or 91 kg  Not meant for weight-bearing 
Height adjustment Button-lock system Internal twist locking system
Tip types Bell tip (flat) Boot tips (on angle)
Collapsed height 29” 31”