Therapeutic Knitting

Knitting is an artistic outlet but should not be limited as such due to the variety of therapeutic benefits it has been proven to offer. It is a great combination of physical and mental therapy because it improves dexterity while providing a relaxation effect. By performing a number of small repetitive movements, knitting can help one cope with stress while keeping finger joints strong and mobile, especially for those living with arthritis. It provides a distraction from pain while the mind focuses on coordination, precision, and timing of movements. People suffering from the effects of age-related cognitive decline such as memory loss can benefit from this activity as it creates and maintains neural pathways that help sharpen the mind. As a whole, knitting promotes an increase in memory function, reducing age-related cognitive impairments. Knitting also offers a feeling of satisfaction because it results in tangible and often useful products which can help to improve self-esteem.